A Tech Audit with Darkhorse Tech

Our team will do a deep dive into your existing IT to get a better understanding of current issues, potential areas for improvement, and how our team can help your offices thrive.

What’s included in our DSO-focused Dental-Specific IT Solution?

Industry Leading Cloud System Integration (Cloud PM/Cloud Imaging)

A Comprehensive NO-Downtime Solution (On-Site & Cloud-Based Backups)

Rapid Response Time

Dental-Specific Knowledge with a focus on Dental Tech & Integrations

HIPAA Compliant Systems

WiFi | HIPAA Secure Network

Cutting Edge Treatment Room Design & focus on Patient Education & Entertainment

HIPAA Secure Networking

WiFi | HIPAA Secure Network

VOIP and Paperless Systems

What Darkhorse Tech emphasizes


When your practices are abiding by different IT processes, things can fall through the cracks. That’s why we focus on building scalable solutions that can accommodate all of your offices. From day one, our team will work with you to protect and support your existing systems while keeping an eye on what the next steps look like for the health of your organization.

Cyber Security

Darkhorse Tech provides proactive solutions to protect your dental IT from threats while also alleviating your network of existing issues. If any issue comes up, we’ll make it our mission to remove the threat and ensure your system is in the clear, so your practice can keep running safely and securely.

Ongoing Support & Upgrades

We pride ourselves on our service and genuinely care about the safety and success of your practices. That’s why we will constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve your IT to ensure things are running smoothly. 

As dental IT experts, we have a rich understanding of your practice’s systems and can offer input and education on those you have not yet explored, including software, hardware and everything in between. We will help support your management team with proactive solutions to your ever-growing business, so you can spend more time on your patients, practice, and continued success.

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