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Who We Are

Dark Horse Tech specializes in providing IT solutions for dental practices, focusing on tailored service, rapid response, and expertise in dental IT. We offer a range of services including HIPAA compliance, startup solutions, and DSO integrations. Our goal? To support practices in managing their IT needs effectively and efficiently.

Why Dental IT?

Recognizing a gap in quality service within the Dental IT sector, Reuben Kam embarked on a mission to transform the industry. He envisioned a more personalized approach, where each client receives dedicated, one-on-one service. 

This vision has propelled Darkhorse Tech to become a nationwide leader, with a team of specialized technicians and a comprehensive remote service team. Our focus is dental-specific and fully committed to personalized, expert service in every interaction.

Here’s Our Process

At Darkhorse Tech, we know that every practice is different. That’s why we tailor our process to best fit your unique needs. Overall, here’s what you can expect from us:

  1. Discussion & Goals: We begin by getting to know your specific office needs through a one-on-one conversation.
  2. Solution Design & Review: Our team then crafts a tailored action plan focused on your practice's success.
  3. Individualized Onboarding: There’s no practice quite like yours. That’s why we offer a customized onboarding experience.
  4. Ongoing Support & Growth Strategy: We provide continuous support, from assessing your office to installing IT systems.

We Love Working With…

At Darkhorse Tech, we're passionate about collaborating with dental practice leaders who understand the value of a strong, seamless IT foundation. We work with many different types of practices, including: 

  1. Established Practices: We deliver advanced IT solutions, customized to meet your established practice's specific needs.
  2. Startup Practices: We’ll lay the groundwork for a strong IT system at your new startup practice.
  3. DSO Integrations: We specialize in getting all of your practices on one cohesive IT network.

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Check out our transparent pricing options to discover a plan that works best for you and your office. We’re here to tackle your IT needs, no matter how complicated. Let’s partner together to get things done and help your practice run smoother than ever.

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