What is an MSP Anyway? (Dental Edition)

In the ever-changing world of technology, it may seemoverwhelming to prepare for every possible situation. As Greg Conderacci wiselyputs it, "You can't prepare for everything, but you can instead preparefor anything." The key is identifying problems and finding the rightsolutions. In the realm of dental IT, computer networks and systems areincredibly complex and can easily encounter issues.

Imagine apower outage causing your system to go down, or being unable to accessessential patient files, grinding your daily operations to a halt. How longwould it take for your dental practice to recover? It's crucial to have a planin place, ensuring you're prepared for anything.

EnterDarkhorse Dental IT, your go-to Managed Service Provider (MSP).

As atop-tier MSP, we offer a comprehensive range of services to dental practices,healthcare facilities, and other vital industries. Our mission is to let youfocus on providing exceptional dental care while we handle the intricatedetails of your IT infrastructure. We often hear questions like, "Whatdoes that mean?" Allow us to answer some common queries:

1.    Cyber liability / E&O insurance: Acquiring insuranceprotection against cyber threats is challenging due to rapidly evolving standards.With a trusted MSP like Darkhorse Dental IT, which prioritizes and understandscybersecurity, you can rest assured that your practice is protected. However,be cautious - cyber criminals often seek insurance coverage information onnetworks to use as leverage for ransom payments.

2.    Patch management (and remediation): Unpatched software withknown vulnerabilities is a common issue and an easy target for adversaries.Patch management involves identifying and deploying software updates or"patches" to fix these vulnerabilities. Darkhorse Dental IT canimplement patch management using IT specialists, automated tools, or acombination of both.

3.    Remote help desk support: When your network goes down, you needhelp fast. Darkhorse Dental IT has a team of skilled professionals ready torespond immediately, minimizing downtime and lost revenue.

4.    Onsite support: If remote help desk support can't resolve theproblem, we'll send a technician to your location as soon as possible. Wemanage your network, devices, and software, which means we're already familiarwith your systems.

5.    Backup vs. disaster recovery: While all MSPs should offer backupservices, not all provide local and cloud backup storage or disaster recovery.Backups are great for restoring corrupted data, but a disaster recovery planensures your systems and data are back up and running without losing criticalinformation. With Darkhorse Dental IT, you can expect encrypted backups andswift recovery times.

6.    Security stack: As the threat landscape evolves, so mustsecurity measures. A modern security stack includes solutions like BlackpointCyber SOC and Bitdefender Total Secure for managed detection/response,multi-factor authentication (MFA), in addition to a robust firewall andanti-virus protection.

7.    Dedicated customer success team: Darkhorse Dental IT is yourtrusted IT advisor, ensuring regular business reviews keep you informed ofchanges and providing recommendations to support your practice's growth anddevelopment.

Finding theright MSP for your dental practice doesn't have to be daunting. DarkhorseDental IT will identify vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, optimizeprocesses, maximize resources, and reduce costs.

Darkhorse Dental IT Is Here For You

We understand that caring for your patients is your top priority. Dealing with a computer issue, slow IT response time or HIPAA compliance requirements just aren’t high on your list of to-do’s. That’s where Darkhorse Dental Tech comes in. Our team of Dental IT specialists are experts when it comes to running a great, secure and successful practice —and so much more. Whether you’re looking for IT services for startups, or existing support and security services for your practice, Darkhorse can do it all for you, so you can get back to your patients.

Have questions? Looking for ideas? Just want to talk teeth? Drop us a line at sales@darkhorsetech.com to get the conversation started! Or head to our Contact page to send us a message. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!

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