The Best Dental IT Support Companies of 2024

See our picks for the Best Dental IT Support Companies for 2024. We cover the top 10 vendors and their offerings, coverage, reliability, and price competitiveness so you can find the best IT company for your team.

Why Do You Need a Dental IT Support Company?

A Dental IT Support Company, or Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a crucial service for any Dental practice, DSO or specialty group providing crucial support services to a dental practice, addressing, and monitoring any cybersecurity concerns and events, and helping the office to maintain their HIPAA Compliance.

Beyond that set of responsibilities, MSPs help build and or move practices, design and install Dental Startup Practices, and resell replacement workstations and servers. When evaluating an MSP for your organization's needs, choose a company that is versed in your business. There is nothing more frustrating than looking for the single resource at a company that knows Dental.

More and more Dental practices are outsourcing their IT needs and are reaping the benefits of such a choice. By using a vendor, you can maintain better control of your IT budget, you can leave the headaches and complexity of IT technology to the experts, and you can save on office space (which is often at a premium), as well as hardware costs. However, it can be tricky to find the right provider for your Dental practice.

Top 10 Dental IT Companies of  2024:

1: Darkhorse Tech

Darkhorse Tech is an experienced MSP in the Dental Field.  Their founder, Reuben Kamp worked for a Major Dental Supplier in Benco Dental prior to starting a company of his own.  From the beginning his goal was to exclusively serve the Dental community. Darkhorse Tech was founded in 2012 and has more than 65 Dental support team members at client's disposal. Their newest division partners with Open Dental and offers single offices, and DSOs a completely Cloud (serverless) experience.

Because Darkhorse only focuses on Dental, they are highly regarded for their response times, Dental-specific knowledge, and renown for project management. They love working with startup practices, which reflects the owner's own startup experience which, in turn influenced the name Darkhorse.

Their platform allows offices to get rapid support, so they don't have down time, helps practices meet and exceed HIPAA Compliance, and provides ongoing services related to how to run a practice most efficiently, and profitably with technology.

Coverage: All 50 States, and Canada. Key offices: 

Price: Month to Month Agreements starting at $299/mo and up based on office size and support needed.


Medix Dental IT Logo

2: Medix Dental

Medix is an MSP based out of the Quad Cities (Iowa) with 20 years of experience. They market to serve only the Dental community.  With 50+ team members they provide excellent customer service, technology integration, IT Support, and services for DSO models. They do not provide services for startup Dental practices.

Coverage: All 50 States, and Canada. Key offices in Iowa, and Denver CO.

Price: Annual Contracts starting at $699/mo and up based on office size and support needed.


Digital Dental Solutions Logo

3: Digital Dental Solutions

DDS is an MSP based out of Sacramento founded in 2005 with 8+ staff. They focus on Dental, orthodontic, and oral surgery practices. They offer only one service level which is called Premier Managed Service. The owner Matt Kroff is heavily involved in all phases of the business.

Coverage: Northern California

Price: Annual Contracts starting at $799/mo and up based on office size and support needed.



4: Dental PC

DPC is an MSP based out of the Orlando area with 25 years of experience and 15+ staff. They are not specifically focused on Dental but have a strong base of Dental clients. Founded in 1995, DPC Technology began with a mission to help businesses get a real return on their technology investments. Since then, they have remained dedicated to providing state-of-the-art IT support, service, and products that allow their clients to provide the very best service in their respective industries and achieve greater success

Coverage: Florida and Georgia

Price: Annual Contracts starting at $999/mo and up based on office size and support needed.


5: Advantage Technologies

Advantage Tech is an MSP out of the Chicago market and are one of the largest MSPs in the space with over 100 staff. They service dental offices as one of their markets, but they are more of a general IT Firm. Two major customer service notes: (1) they do not have any live dispatchers, you will need to leave a voicemail for your service request, and (2) they lease your core equipment, which means if you want to leave, it will require downtime and makes it much harder to get out of the relationship should you wish to transition to another solution.

Coverage: Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Florida

Price: Annual Contracts starting at $1299/mo and up based on office size and support needed.


6: Computer One

C1 is an MSP based out of Louisiana that services all small businesses. Specifically, they focus on Dental, Oil and Gas, Education, and Legal. They offer backup and disaster recovery solutions, network hardware, server solutions (on-premise, virtual and cloud based), antivirus security solutions, voice-over IP solutions, email solutions and technology maintenance and support.

Coverage: Greater Louisiana Market

Price: Annual Contracts starting at $499/mo and up based on office size and support needed.


7: Nova Computer Solutions

Nova Computer Solutions is an MSP based out of Northern Virginia (Woodbridge) that services Dental, Law, Chiropractic, Optometry, Medical and other small business.  Nova focuses on It Consulting, Support and Compliance with flexible plans granting clients the ability to mix and match services.

Coverage: Northern Virginia

Price: Variable pricing based on plan options


8: Surf CT

SurfCT is an MSP based out of Connecticut servicing Dental, Veterinary, Ophthalmology/Optometry, Plastic Surgery and other "Med Spa" business. With roughly 50 staff, SurfCT has positioned themselves as the high-end option when it comes to the MSP community.

Coverage: Greater New York Market

Price: Pricing for SurfCT services unavailable, reputation for being highest ticket item in Dental-IT


9: Legend Networking

Legend is an MSP based out of the Dallas market founded in 2004 with 35+ staff. They focus on dental, medical, eye care, and vet practices. Client feedback of note: high-pressure sales tactics, high degree of outsourced (non-US) based support staff, they do not offer a fully HIPAA compliant service.

Coverage: Texas, California, Washington State

Price: Annual Contracts starting at $399/mo and up based on office size and support needed


10: Pact-One

Pact-One is an MSP based out of California servicing dental practices since 2003. Acquired in 2020 by large-scale, general IT firm, Executech - Pact-One maintains 51+ staff.

Coverage: Nevada, California, Washington, Oregon and Arizona

Price: Annual Contracts starting at $800/mo and up based on office size and support needed.


About Darkhorse Tech

Whether you're just starting out or a well-established organization, Darkhorse Tech has the experience and technology to help get you moving, cut costs, and streamline your operations via unlimited IT support. We are here to help you do what you do best: focus on providing top-notch care and service for patients - not dealing with IT problems, lag time spent talking with technical support, or complicated technological mishaps. Unlimited IT support services help the whole team work efficiently without worrying about significant system issues or constant interruptions.

Our additional security services include:

  • Unlimited Remote and/or On-Site IT Support of All Your Hardware and Software
  • Improved Network Performance and Security
  • HIPAA Compliant Off-Site and Local Backup Service (Darkhorse Secure Backup)
  • Managed Antivirus, Anti-Malware, and Anti-Ransomware (Darkhorse Security Products)
  • Compliance & Security Laws Standards
  • Microsoft Security Patch Management
  • Vendor Management: We will be on the phone, not your employees
  • Secure, Remote Access to Your Office
  • Firewall Management
  • Network Management
  • Long Term Planning and Budgeting

Contact us anytime if you want to learn more about our dental-specific solutions and unlimited support packages. Our friendly customer service team will get back to you in no time.

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