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Keeping a watchful eye on your dental practice at all times may seem impossible, but with today's technology, you can ensure its security around the clock: thanks to video surveillance.

The American Dental Association (ADA) highlights video surveillance as one of the most vital steps to safeguard your practice. A robust surveillance system can offer multiple layers of protection - from ensuring your practice's and patients' security, aiding in loss prevention, defending against legal action, preserving patient data, deterring criminal activities like burglary and break-ins, and reinforcing an access-control policy.

"In case of a physical security breach, a well-installed camera system will provide crucial evidence for police, making their job easier than having to put together scattered evidence from the crime scene," the ADA advises.


"Outdoor cameras primarily focus on security and liability concerns, such as trip-and-fall accidents. Several clients even report insurance cost savings due to the presence of outdoor cameras," shares Reuben Kamp, founder and CEO at Darkhorse Dental IT." With cameras inside your practice, you're adding a valuable layer of transparency, promoting a sense of accountability among everyone—doctors, managers, staff, and patients."

In case of a dispute, surveillance footage can provide conclusive evidence, preventing an ambiguous "he said, she said" situation.


If you're contemplating adding a video surveillance system to your practice, several considerations should guide your decision.

Privacy stands at the forefront.

"Most states strictly prohibit eavesdropping or recording conversations, so we advise disabling audio. However, we always recommend clients to consult their attorney in case of any doubts," Kamp suggests. "Our advice revolves around preserving patient privacy - a fundamental aspect of PHI under HIPAA."

As a general rule, avoid placing cameras in clinical treatment areas.

"While not a strict rule, it helps avoid potential privacy violations, such as inadvertently recording a computer screen image. Essentially, you should avoid creating another data stream to manage," Kamp adds.

For camera placement, doors and parking lots (especially in areas with bad weather and potential slip-and-fall incidents) are usual choices. Inside, high-traffic and out-of-view areas on walls and ceilings are ideal, along with automated floodlights to deter potential criminals and aid staff during early or late hours.

In the spirit of transparency, clear signage informing patients and staff about surveillance is advisable. "There's no need to hide it—in fact, the visibility underscores the commitment to accountability and protection of your practice," says Kamp.


Darkhorse Dental IT has now launched a new video surveillance system to enhance its suite of security solutions.

"Our aim is to provide a top-notch, all-inclusive system, from the professional-quality, high-definition cameras and licensed low voltage contractors that install it to the complete orientation we offer our customers," Kamp shares. "We're committed to delivering a high-quality, customizable, turnkey system with a user interface designed for ease of use."

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