Microsoft Teams for Dental Practices

What is Microsoft Teams

In the last few years, the importance of team collaboration software has been pushed to the forefront of daily business operations.  Microsoft Teams is a communication platform featuring internal messaging, video meetings, file sharing, and calling.  While there are similar products available not all are appropriate for a Dental Practice nor are they all HIPAA compliant.  Microsoft Teams, however, provides an ideal product for Dental Practices and (with a business associate agreement in place) is considered HIPAA compliant.

Connecting on-site and remote members of your team, collaboration is possible from anywhere, on a variety of devices (desktop, laptop, mobile).  As part of the Microsoft suite of business applications your team can seamlessly connect utilizing other vital applications such as PowerPoint, Exchange, and Sharepoint.

Microsoft Teams Features

As part of Microsoft's cloud offering Microsoft Teams is constantly updating and evolving however, the basic components offer a comprehensive communication suite.

  • Teams & Channels: To help your office best organize and collaborate more effectively the software is broken up into Teams; a collection of users, content, and tools organized around projects. Teams can be created to be public within your organization or invite-only to keep certain information private to the members of the "team". This feature can be utilized to organize individual projects (i.e. individual marketing efforts) or ongoing collaborations (SOPs, etc.). Files and communication can be Kept private to teams, not overburdening the entire company with unnecessary information while also safeguarding sensitive information.  Channels can be seen as an organized topic repository within the team environment.  Conversations can be organized in any way you see fit to make quick access to necessary and up to date information a breeze.  The channel environment is where your team will do it's work and again can be access-protected when necessary.
  • Chat: To assist with the collaboration focus of Teams the chat function allows for one-on-one as well as group communication (teams, groups) which in turn can be elevated to a call or video platform.
  • Calls: With VOIP integration calls can be made internally and externally with the ability to incorporate audio conferencing ‚Äì online meetings can be joined via phone with a dial-in feature.
  • Video: More important than ever with remote workers and 3rd party integration, video is a key component of the software. As with most modern video conferencing features such as virtual backgrounds, transcription, recording, breakout rooms and screen/desktop sharing are standard.
  • Online Meetings: Like the video feature, online meetings allow you to provide a platform for your employees and other collaborators to take part in trainings and other virtual events (up to 10,00o of your closest friends).  Scheduling, note taking, file uploading, in-app chat make for a dynamic meeting environment.
  • Calendar: Real-time calendar updates and user-friendly scheduling make organizing your team and collaborators clear and efficient.
  • File Sharing & Storage: Files (via the document management feature) can be stored, shared, and edited within teams.  The real-time updating means files are always up to date on all devices.  Utilizing SharePoint access to a document library folder allows for automatic saving as well as customized permissions and securities for sensitive information.

Microsoft Teams & Security

As mandated by HIPAA, data is encrypted in transit and while at rest within the Teams environment. Inaccessible to Microsoft, customer data and uploads are in control of the user.  Microsoft also incorporates several security features including two-factor authentication and single sign-on.

About Darkhorse Tech

Whether you're just starting out or a well-established organization, Darkhorse Tech has the experience and technology to help get you moving, cut costs, and streamline your operations via unlimited IT support. We are here to help you do what you do best: focus on providing top-notch care and service for patients - not dealing with IT problems, lag time spent talking with technical support, or complicated technological mishaps. Unlimited IT support services help the whole team work efficiently without worrying about significant system issues or constant interruptions.

Our additional security services include:

  • Unlimited Remote and/or On-Site IT Support of All Your Hardware and Software
  • Improved Network Performance and Security
  • HIPAA Compliant Off-Site and Local Backup Service (Darkhorse Secure Backup)
  • Managed Antivirus, Anti-Malware, and Anti-Ransomware (Darkhorse Security Products)
  • Compliance & Security Laws Standards
  • Microsoft Security Patch Management
  • Vendor Management: We will be on the phone, not your employees
  • Secure, Remote Access to Your Office
  • Firewall Management
  • Network Management
  • Long Term Planning and Budgeting

Contact us anytime if you want to learn more about our dental-specific solutions and unlimited support packages. Our friendly customer service team will get back to you in no time.

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