Dental IT Startup – What You Can Expect During The Process With Darkhorse Tech

If you’re launching a new dental practice, you’ve already got a lot on your plate. That’s where the team at Darkhorse Tech comes in. We work closely with dentists throughout the startup process. If you’re building a new office from the ground up, we’ll be with you every step of the way. 

Our team can provide the expert IT services you need to build a technologically-advanced, future-forward dental practice. Wondering what to expect? Learn more in this blog, and see how we approach the dental IT startup process.

What You Can Expect During The Dental IT Startup Process

While the specifics may vary depending on your timeline and your practice, below is an overview of what needs to be done during the dental IT startup process, as well as an estimate of when each step should take place.

  • 4-6 months before launch – As the first step of the IT startup process, you’ll want to acquire your web domain and begin building out a website with the help of a web design company. Partnering with a marketing agency for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services is also helpful and helps you reach more potential patients through Google and other search engines.

  • 2-4 months before launch – During this time, Darkhorse Tech will work with you to set up email addresses for your practice, yourself, and your employees. This is also a good time to get set up with the practice management (PM) software that you’ll be using at your office.

    Our team can help you choose and set up the right software based on your budget and your unique business needs. This is also a great time to familiarize yourself with your PM software and how it works. During this time, we will also set up any necessary physical server infrastructure in your office, though this may not be necessary if you choose a cloud server system.

  • 1-3 months before launch – you’ll need to set your office up with an internet service provider (ISP) in your area. Most ISPs will need between 30-90 days of advance notice to set up a connection. It’s important to choose an ISP that offers plenty of speed and reliability, and we can help you choose the right provider.

    You also will want to set up either physical phones or a VoIP (Voice over IP) phone system at this time. You will likely need multiple phone numbers at your office. For example, one number may connect directly to your front desk, while another will be used for insurance purposes or emergency patient appointments.

  • 1 month before launch – Once your office has been fully built and finished, Darkhorse Tech will work closely with you to acquire and set up all remaining IT infrastructure including WiFi networks, office computer systems, and patient entertainment such as TVs or tablet stations.

Darkhorse Tech Offers Expert Support Both Locally And Nationwide

Once your dental practice has launched, Darkhorse Tech will continue to offer the IT support you need as your office continues to grow. We offer on-location support in Philadelphia, Charlotte, Raleigh, Dallas, San Antonio, and New York State.

If you’re located outside of our immediate service area, we will work closely with a local trusted contractor to deliver the expert support you need if you’re having any issues with your IT systems. Regardless of where you are in the U.S., Darkhorse Tech can provide the services you need for smooth day-to-day operations, as well as quick troubleshooting and issue resolution when problems do crop up. Our list of service areas: 

Get Started – Contact Darkhorse Tech For A Consultation Today!

The above outline is a great place to start, but if you’d like more insights into what to expect as you launch your new dental practice, we recommend scheduling a consultation with the team at Darkhorse Tech. Don’t wait. The sooner you get started with IT at your dental office, the smoother your practice launch will be!

Darkhorse Dental IT Is Here For You

We understand that caring for your patients is your top priority. Dealing with a computer issue, slow IT response time or HIPAA compliance requirements just aren’t high on your list of to-do’s. That’s where Darkhorse Dental Tech comes in. Our team of Dental IT specialists are experts when it comes to running a great, secure and successful practice —and so much more. Whether you’re looking for IT services for startups, or existing support and security services for your practice, Darkhorse can do it all for you, so you can get back to your patients.

Have questions? Looking for ideas? Just want to talk teeth? Drop us a line at to get the conversation started! Or head to our Contact page to send us a message. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!

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