Bounced Payment Policy - December 2023

December 11th 2023

We would like to inform you about an important update to our financial policies, particularly concerning bounced or rejected payments, whether they occur through ACH or credit card transactions.

We understand that handling finances can be complex, and occasionally, errors occur. To accommodate this, we are introducing a policy that considers such situations. The first instance of a bounced or rejected payment will not incur a charge. However, for subsequent occurrences, a fee of $50 will be applied for each incident. This policy aims to streamline our accounting processes and manage the additional administrative costs these incidents generate.

To assist in avoiding these scenarios, we recommend contacting your financial institution proactively, especially if you have any uncertainties regarding transaction approvals. For our newer clients, it's important to note that your financial institution may not immediately recognize transactions from Darkhorse and could mistakenly flag them as fraudulent. A brief call to your bank can often resolve these issues promptly.

Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated. Should you have any questions or need further clarification regarding this policy, please feel free to contact our finance team at

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